25 thoughts on “Crash on the concrete wall! Formula one On-board camera 70s/80s Detroit Lotus Honda 100T

  1. I’ve never seen that track before, and I have to say…I prefer that 100 times over Monaco right now.

  2. Sounded like the turbo kicked in as he hit the throttle too, which probably didn’t help either.

  3. 2:23 too much gaspedal when your not totally moving straight forward, its like these days cars have DRS on in corner

  4. 2:07 Holly Shit! Look at it! enven without hd or anything you can actually feel the speed and the torque!

  5. So much respect, this track, those cars.. Incredible.. I’ve only seen this track in Grid 1 and it such a tricky one

  6. It is deceiving how fast he really goes. The shunt initially had this sense of “nothing to worry about”, but the impact looked quite painfull still.

  7. If 80’s Formula 1 was a game, it would have the following setting:
    Select your driving style:
    ( )Amateur
    ( )Semi-racing
    ( )Expert

  8. The car that he overtook on the OUTSIDE stuffed his rhythm up as the slow car has to give way to the faster at which in that case the slow car had to go on the outside and not stay on the clean line because as u saw the moment he went on the dirty line he lost that extra bit of grip and spun the rear wheels into a wall

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