25 thoughts on “Codemasters F1 2012 Circuit of the Americas HD EXCLUSIVE

  1. It is WHEELS settings, not the steering wheel. Steering wheel is constant 450*, wheels’ turning could be adjusted

  2. little doubt? from your account i can see it says you’re from the UK so i will assume that you dont really know about how self-centered they actually are. being from Canada, we never hear the end of it. the only other people besides americans who want be american are mexicans.

  3. I have little doubt that those in the U.S can be self focused at times, I hardly think this is a good example. To name the tracks after both American continents is more an example of sharing the identity of their race track that they successfully bided to host F1 on and that they’re funding. An example of U.S self-centeredness would be the TV show they made called “When dinosaurs roamed America” needlessly narrowing down the geographic description rather than here where they widen it! think sir!

  4. Love these games. Hope they sort out the graphics slow down on tracks like monaco from the previous two years though. Also be nice if you could start your career in GP3/GP2 and work up to getting an F1 drive rather than just a 5 year in F1 career mode. Brake bias adjustment is a nice touch.

  5. Okay, its a minor detail, but i love the way the driver lifts their fingers ready to change gear as it reaches the red.. it has no real use but i think its cool

  6. Real steering wheel can be rotated in 450 degrees. 225 left and 225 right. in game it’s only 180

  7. which part are you talking about because u can go round corners with drs on but not tight corners last year the red bull could go round turn 8 in turkey with drs on

  8. Who the hell would complain about the safety car?! that makes the game even more enjoyable and realistic. some people should just go to an arcade if they want arcade like games.

  9. And as soon as they add that feature, people will complain about it.. just like they did with the safety car..

  10. I noticed a lot of similarities from some famous Japanese tracks in this track.

    0:35 It’s the Spoon Handle from Suzuka!

    1:19 It’s the final 4 corners from Fuji Speedway. Also the long sweeper turn from the same track.

  11. its not like people from Honduras and Chile are going to go to the race. The Americans just think they are the center of the world and thus dubbed their track accordingly thinking they are great.

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