13 thoughts on “Caterham F1 onboard: Heikki Kovalainen Goodwood Festival of Speed hillclimb

  1. @jraybay
    Angry Birds is developed by the finnish company Rovio. Because Heikki and Kimi are both finnish Rovio sponser them to wear angry birds logos (On kimis cap and Heikkis Helmet)

  2. I hate that Formulas aren’t allowed to do doughnuts in many events or after race, would make it much more fun to watch and a good way for drivers to celebrate + the audience would get more bang for their bucks.

  3. last minute reminds me of old skool group B rally races. only 1 cm between car and human foot 🙂

  4. Love it!
    @tomblord12 – yeah, I thought someone was about to have their squashed toes (what a story to tell your kids though! “I met Heikki Kovalainen once…. he ran over my foot in an F1 car” lol)
    We’ve got the camera’s – now all we need is Heikki Kovalainen and an F1 car!
    …….hold on, that came out wrong.

  5. all the people in the end want’s their toes crushed by suomussalmen angry bird(also known as Heikki Kovalainen)

  6. does this car still have the cosworth engine it raced with or have you changed it for a renault?

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