25 thoughts on “BBC Formula 1 2012 – 06 Monaco GP – McLaren duo Hamilton and Button swap F1 for TV

  1. Yea, this year it’s been pretty even. He’s much better with the tires this season.

  2. Lewis and Jenson are so funny together, love just to spend one day with them, it would be the best day Eva!

  3. The Mclaren boys. you got to love them. but thats was also a good come back on webber’s part. lol

  4. don’t understand why people keep putting vettel in the same category as lewis and alonso. He still has a lot to prove. the red bull car is far from a bad car this year so vettel’s position in the standings should come at no surprise. Also in canada i noticed that when hamilton gott close to him in the second corner, seb made a mistake and had a moment. vettel still can’t cope as well under pressure as hamilton or alonso can. don’t get me wrong, seb is a good driver but is no hamilton or alonso.

  5. Adrian is lucky to have a driver who pulls his well designed car to the fullest potential.

  6. It’s the driver talent too! Look at Mark, he had the same car last year as seb’s and cant you see a whole contrast?

  7. Alonso- the best all rounder
    Hamilton-inredible in the wet, incredible racer, very fast qualifier but can be wreckless sometimes.
    Vettel- good at getting the job done with little or no mistakes but has been very lucky with the cars he has been able to race with. Also good tyre handler.

  8. The reason why he broke those records was because of the cars Adrian designed for him. And Lewis likes showing off it’s just part of his character.

  9. Frankly speaking, Seb, Alonso and Lewis are all the same. Aggressive, humble, and talented. And all of them capable of winning Championships.
    And all of them are pretty close this year.

  10. Do you think anything through? I mean, how do you know he cried for working with Adrian?! dude! he won the championship!! Broke numerous records!
    Btw, he is the 2 most humorous driver after Lewis! And much more humble than Lewis (was) He’s changed a lot now.

  11. I woud’nt be surprised if we saw Lewis win many more races in 2012 in a similar fashion. Hopefully we will see Alonso and Hamilton go hard for the championship.

  12. He was probably crying at how lucky he was and is to be able to work with Adrian Newey who is actually humble unlike Seb.

  13. Montreal was hamilton’s race! He was brilliant on everything.. Tyre management, strategy, and overtaking.
    Alonso and Vettel pretty much messed up their race by staying on the 2nd stint for too long.

  14. Yeah.. you win a Chamionship at the the age of 23! You will end up crying! You’ve achieved what u set for! And I don’t think that is babyish!

  15. Put everybody in the same car and Lewis would be faster than anybody else. He is always on the edge. Montreal was BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!! Wish there was no DRS so we could see some heart stopping overtakes from Lewis.

  16. Because of the MP4-27! You’ll need to have a foot race to see who is quicker! You can compare 2 drivers of the same team though.. like Jenson and Lewis.. Its pretty clear that Lewis is MUCH quicker than Jenson. Btw, Enjoyed Montreal?

  17. I think everyone’s like that when you win.. You just won an F1 race.. not something that everyone can do! What makes you think HE thinks that way about himself?!
    The one you say “cocky” inspires a million around the globe.

  18. Yeah, definitely – but the Sky one is more technical – depends on preference I suppose.

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