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  4. Does anyone know what the name of the song in the intro is? Please respond, thank you:)

  5. thank yuo for these vids really apreciate it and subscribed any chance we can get canadian footage aswell ?

  6. and ive still got to convert the formula one coverage from 2002 from vhs to dvd, that was when sky were charging £12 per race, i really wish they would do the f1 channel that way, just charge £12 per race, its rediculous having to pay £57 just to see one full race weekend a month ! (i mean, why have sky sports 1 and 2 when all they show is football, apart from the indycar there is nothing on it, and im only following indycar because williams abandoned rubens, those oval tracks should be BANNED.

  7. dont knock vhs tapes, ive got 14 seasons of f1 on vhs, you can trust in it, dvd is an unreliable format if you buy a dodgy dvd recorder, ive only gone full dvd in the past couple of years due to the fact that i cant get the tapes anymore, but i make sure i do about three copies of the race, just to be on the safe side.

  8. yeah man. this is australia. there were no digital recording devices in 2002. even dvd recorders now cost so much let alone 10 years ago. australia is about 5 years behind the rest of the world, and about 20 years ahead in terms of price inflation.

  9. its funny dc nd brundle dont even say hello, and they worked together fora year or more

  10. Thanks heaps for putting this up man, great for some of us who don’t get the full coverage overseas! Would be awesome if you can get most of them online this season!

  11. “the hills around here are fairly steep, theres a lot of narrow winding roads, princess grace of monaco knows this all too well”
    thats a quote from the idiot sky sports presenter simon (dont know his surname) what a dickhead. then pan to damon hill cringing with a smile, and johnny herbert saying that hes always in control… i can barely watch the sky build up, i had to replay the dvd to the beginning to figure out why simon (the dickhead) was apologising OFF WITH HIS HEAD !!!!!!

  12. 52:41 ‘that nice chap….. Juan Pablo Montoya’ lol. DC classic. Can’t believe that was 10 years ago!! a whole decade ago. I still got that race on video tape. I loved that race because of how DC won. It was a masterful drive. The only driver other than a Ferrari to win a race all year in 2002.

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