Alonso Talks About Rule Changes

There have been certain rule changes that have been incorporated by F1.

Based on these changes Fernando has asked for more consistency in certain matters. The Spaniard feels that the changes that are being proposed will make it hard for the fans that follow the different racing events. Alonso made the call after more changes were brought in ahead of the last German Grand Prix event.

There was a strategy group meeting that was held when there were certain restrictions lifted from tea radio communication. Qualifying sessions were also stopped in instances where double yellow flags are raised. These changes were introduced after the controversy that arose regarding the pole position of Nico Rosberg at the GP event in Hungary. Alonso stated that the constant changes being introduced into the rules make it confusing for fans that follow the sport.

This is what he announced at the media meeting held at Hockenheim. He stated that the changes being introduced become confusing for everyone. As per his opinion, it is not normal that the rules are changed so frequently based on one or two divisions. The rules are changed based on situations that had occurred about s few weeks back. It is often based on incidents that occur about few months or even years’ back. Such variations and instances become confusing for the fans to follow.

He stated that from the point of view of drivers they were powerless as they had to abide by the rules and the changes introduced from time to time. However, with frequent changes that affect the races, it becomes difficult for fans and other viewers who might not be aware of the minute and last minute changes that have been introduced and that keep changing from time to time as per the authorities.