The Spaniard Fernando Alonso has said that he is extremely confident that the start to the 2013 F1 season will be much more positive than last time around. Ferrari suffered a lot of problems during the first half of the season, which led to Alonso struggling to get results early in the campaign. It ultimately proved to be the difference between winning and losing the title to Sebastian Vettel, as Alonso last narrowly by four points in the final Grand Prix. As a result, the wait for the first championship title since 2006 continues for the Spaniard.

Due to the lessons learned from last season, Ferrari have made a lot of changes to the staff. They have added in new staff within the aerodynamic department including the former McLaren driver Pedro de la Rosa. Alonso has said that he is extremely confident about the new season without the shadow of a doubt. Due to the fact that the rules in terms of the aerodynamic are very much similar to last season, Ferrari will be able to build on the impressive run of form in the final few races of the campaign. Ferrari also recently confirmed that this car will not be undergoing vast changes.

“I am more confident, no doubt. The rules are continuing more or less the same as last year in terms of aerodynamics. In the 2012 winter we changed completely the exhaust position compared to 2011, and it was a little bit of a guess what we found on the car. But this year everything should be much more normal and we are much more confident. We can be faster or slower [than the others] but not 1.5 or two seconds off the pace,” said Alonso, who has spoken about the importance of the role played by aerodynamics in the car.