Alonso And His Thoughts On Racing Strategy

What do fans look forward at the races?

Definitely the risks that the drivers take in the races, when they overtake, make for thrilling experiences for the onlookers which are dangerous feats for the drivers. Fernando Alonso, one of the drivers look out for at the upcoming weekend race in Sochi, feels that one does not need to overtake several times to make it better at the races. Again, there are rumors that rules would be revamped and that would make it harder for a driver to overtake another vehicle easily.

As per Alonso, this would be a better thing which would definitely make the races more challenging technically and safer. Fans would not be able to make out the differences as much as it does not take too many overtakes to make a race an exciting one to watch. He gave instances like the battle; he put up with Michael Schumacher in 2005 at the San Marino GP. The Ferrari had come onto him at the thirteenth grid. Due to the pit strategy he had taken up he was able to put off the Ferrari and made it difficult for the other to pass. The whole race had about four or three overtaking instances. However, it is still considered one of the best races that most fans still talk about. Hence, it is not about overtaking that the drivers need to focus on. He also stated that at the Imola race he won by a mere difference of 0.2 seconds. The attention should not be on the overtaking, but on the strategies that the drivers take to stick to the rules and be able to block others out and stay ahead. China was an extreme example here several strategies were in place due to which the races got confusing.