24 thoughts on “62 years of Formula 1

  1. No it isnt its a client car you buy it and RenaultLotus delivers it to a track of your choice it costs £500k but it comes with a team and Jean Alesi, it also appeared in top gear.

  2. hes right, its the 2005 RB1 made to look like the RB5. Its proper name is ‘the show car’. it still runs the 3L V10 you can hear the different notes between the RB1 and the V8s that followed

  3. How many iditios had your same thought, its just and aero pack the car is like in the video legend an 2005 RBR

  4. Why didnt they start further back up the straight?? What a waste.. I want to hear at least 3rd-4th gear

  5. Esee red bull del 2005 es del 2010! “cuando sacaron los nuevos alerones” (los del 2005 eran mas estirados hacia los costados…

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