25 thoughts on “2012 US GP COTA F1 Watcher’s Guide – SHAKEDOWN

  1. This guy is an idiot! Track was great. The weather was great. Drivers and fans loved it. COTA hit an out of the park home run.

  2. Leo really? Thank you for insulting extremely hard work that Austin, TX did to host F1 at the USGP. COTA girls are the most unique uniforms that the grid has ever seen, part native american dresses that reflects to our past of the US and NOT brands, boring checkered flags and half-naked women (go somewhere else for that). I am fairly disappointed in shakedown.

  3. Absolutely professional and funny ish show. You DRIVE guys, with Spinelli, that bold head and Ice cube too, you should be F1 commentators for America. One another guy I have in mind is Peter Windsor. You could combine forces and have 1 a bit bigger total F1 USA hosts! just saying. Regards from Finland.

  4. Leo get new trousers … a bit short haha. The race was great, the venue looked great (although the last part is a bit fiddly but maybe that helps with overtaking). RBR or one of the other teams needed to do a demo in the centre of Austin. I think there should be three F1 races in the USA. One in the west, the middle (Austin) and the east (hopefully New Jersey – it looks great) and get the F1 drivers on TV more often and make it looks like fun.

  5. @kddpmzh those guys are right. I wasn’t totally convinced at first until I had 150 greenbacks banked! Its not hard just answer some market research questions . This is who I used > bit.ly/QqtWUK?=cipdoi

  6. The way to get america in F1 fully is an a competitive american f1 driver and a competitive f1 team maybe ford or chevy but before that we need an american f1 driver to do well

  7. After watching the coverage of the US GP, I was really impressed with the attitude the BBC, SKY F1, and FOM had toward the track, Austin, and the rest of the United States. I was hoping this was a sign that Europeans were now, or at least becoming better than the stereotypes and slander thrown our way in the past. After reading the comments here, it appears I had hoped for too much.

  8. I find it interesting that the world wants one singular view of Americans. I understand it’s a generalization, but we realize that stereotypes don’t work in the real world or even within our own country, it’s time the world realizes that.

    The only explanation that I can think of is that y’all are consistently being fed the image of Americans that you described. I’m not saying there aren’t Americans like that, but the US is the most diverse nation in the world. It’s time everyone realizes that.

  9. Thank you Leo, after I watched this a couple of days ago i decided to watch the f1 race in america (I’ve never watched a entire race before) and it was awsome, i loved it and cannot wait till sunday to watch the last race 🙂 thanks for making me start watch f1 🙂 greetings from sweden 😉

  10. I might have gotten CBS/NBC backwards since a CBS sports producer told me about it, but yes, NBC/NBC Sports will cover all the races next season.

    Loved the race, traffic was fine, got in on the shuttle in about half an hour from downtown which is fast, and it took about an hour to get out which is pie. It was a tad dusty, but sitting on turn 16 “grass” I could see turns 1,2,12,13,16,17. Great action.

  11. Hey Leo, I am in the UK and follow F1. Would love to hear how the US public and papers viewed F1 as I know in the past they have not had much interest.

  12. It is NBC Sport Network, although i assume a few of the marque races will be on NBC network. Where is ‘everyone’ getting this CBS BS? Yes, Pirelli was safe with their tires. Did not want to be Michelin Indy OR effect the championship [more than they are already? snark].

  13. As Sir Jackie Stewart would say”It was a Great Race!!!” The only problem was the P1 and P3 being at 9 am CST, the track was too cold and the tires were too hard. They should have brought the soft and Super Soft tires. Well live and learn. Can’t wait to see how CBS handles the F1 races next year.

  14. “Ralph, now which Baldwin Brother was he”? Freekin Hilarious!!

    SPC Hamilton, Dan
    16’th STB, Warner Barracks
    Bamberg Germany

  15. Was the NASCAR schedule announced when the F1 schedule came out? Also, bear in mind that the next weekend is a holiday with a lot of people traveling to family events, so they may not be going to the race. There’s also Texas Longhorn football next weekend (on Thursday, but they probably wouldn’t have known until the spring). The next issue is the effect on Brazil. They’d either have to push the season into Dec or swap dates, which could have meant the champ. would have been decided.

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