1. Respect Michael Schumacher And His Family’s Privacy

The legendary Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher has suffered certain life-threatening injuries during a horrible skiing accident that took place in the ski resort of Meribel (France) on the 29th of December, 2013. Schumacher is currently being treated in the Grenoble University Hospital (France).  The doctors have operated on Schumacher for about two times in order to reduce the swelling of his brain and also to get rid of the dangerous haematomas.

This skiing accident has actually attracted universal attention because Schumacher has been one of the most successful Formula 1 drivers. Fans and people belonging to the different parts of the world are showing their support to Schumacher’s family and are also praying for Schumacher’s fast recovery.

Sabine Kehm- Manager of Michael Schumacher had made it very clear that media people should respect Schumacher and his family’s privacy. However, recently a journalist tried to get information regarding Schumacher’s health by using certain unlawful methods.

The above attempt made by the journalist prompted Corinna Schumacher (wife of Michael Schumacher) to release an official statement that the media should respect Michael Schumacher and his family’s privacy. They should stop harassing the Grenoble University Hospital and the doctors who are treating Schumacher.

Corinna said that it is essential that the doctors and the staff who are attending Schumacher are not pressurized by the questions posed by the media people so that they can carry out their work appropriately. She has requested the media to stay away from the hospital and Schumacher’s family as much as possible.

French prosecutors are trying to find out the true cause of the skiing accident. Schumacher’s helmet camera that was split into two halves has been handed over to the French prosecutors by Schumacher’s family so that further investigations can be carried out with the help of any evidence provided by the camera.