Max Verstappen Makes Red Bull Proud

The Belgian-Dutch driver Max Verstappen was the talk of the town of the season as he ensured Red Bull was on its home track to achieve Formula One Austrian Grand Prix in 1st July 2018. It was the 4th time he showed his brilliant performance. The 21 year old who is mostly known for his aggressive racing style, had a tough beginning of the season. However, after the Canadian Grand Prix, he drove with the right control and perfection in all his races.

Lewis Hamilton was the fastest from the beginning and lost his lead this time. He was one point below Vettel. Verstappen made best use of misfortunes faced by Mercedes and took his first lap. Soon after, he did manage the show well by measuring the pace and was ahead of Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen. Managing the tire at the end was most crucial as per Verstappen. It was indeed a special moment when he won in front of his supporters. Life is not easy as there are difficult times, but if you continue to work hard, you can overcome any situation. These were the words expressed by Verstappen.
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Ferrari blaming Verstappen for crashing their F1 cars has led to a brutal remark from ex-Red Bull driver, Mark Webber.

The first wet Formula One Singapore Grand Prix in history started with a bang. Max Verstappen’s Red Bull car became the filling in a messy Ferrari sandwich at the start of Sunday’s race.

Whoever handled Ferrari’s twitter account tried to place the blame on Max only to get put right in his place by ex-Red Bull F1 driver Mark Webber.

Ferrari driver Kimi Räikkönen collided with Max Verstappen on the start as he tried to pass the Red Bull around the outside at the very beginning. Continue reading “FERRARI BLAME VERSTAPPEN FOR CRASHING THEIR CARS”


The boss of Hass Formula 1 Gunther Steiner says the top three teams enjoy a significant advantage that he does not expect to change this year. He wants a change but adds that it would not happen anytime soon.

The pre-season test witnessed the top sides Ferrari, Mercedes and Red Bull ahead of the rest of the pack. The same thing happened in the opening races so far.

“The midfield teams are pretty close together, but yes, there is a significant gap to the big three. The big teams, especially Mercedes and Ferrari, I think Red Bull is a bit behind, are pretty much ahead of the rest. Will that change? I hope so, but my fear is that it will stay that way for the whole season,” he said, expressing concern.

In the race in Australia and China, the top three teams were at least 1.8s ahead of the pack during qualification. In Bahrain, NicoHulkenberg managed to be one second behind. Continue reading “GUNTHER EXPECTS NO CHANGE IN 2017 AS TOP THREE EDGE OTHERS OUT”


Toro Rosso team principal, Franz Tost believes Formula 1 should introduce eRaces on the Sunday morning of grand prix weekends.

The need for F1 to improve the show has been in motion for long; some success has been recorded, for example the 2016’s controversial revamped qualifying format and subsequent U-turn.

Tost strongly believes some similar initiatives should be included into the Sunday schedules to increase interest in F1 and attract a wider audience.

He noted:

“We must improve the show itself, we must bring in the young peoples’ interest, for example with E-games. Why not have Sunday morning an eGame with a big broadcast where people worldwide are involved to increase the interest? The eGame would work simply in that there’s a game and companies would be involved in eGames and say look.”

He went further to say that the events held in Abu Dhabi featured exhibitions from several countries and it brought more diversity to the sport. He believed that not a lot of young people were interested in the sport and other ways can be used to bring them to formula 1. Continue reading “TOST BELIEVES THAT FORMULA 1 SHOULD HAVE eRACES.”

Nick Heidfeld And Mahindra Racing

Nick Heidfield has been part of the Formula E team of Mahindra in India.

He and Bruno Senna had been signed on for season two for Force India. They had finished fifth for the second season. The line-up of drivers for the upcoming season remains to be confirmed.

A livery contest has been launched by Mahindra for the season three of the Indian Formula One and the car is the main highlight of the contest. Mahindra Racing has invited several fans of the racing event to submit designs of the livery of the car for Formula E. It is part of the proceedings being lined up for season three. The Indian squad for the automobile company has teamed up with a design house from Italy, Pininfarina. They have opened up the competition for the design. Fans are being asked to submit the livery versions of the car that would be launched for the 2016-17 season. It is named M3Electro. Continue reading “Nick Heidfeld And Mahindra Racing”


For the first practice of the session in preparations of the Grand Prix on Sunday at Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team driver came out tops, thus laying down a marker.

NicoRosberg, also fellow Mercedes team mate and rival for the championship title came in nextwith just four tenths behind Hamilton, thus giving both drivers early moments in preparation for the title decider on Sunday.

To take the top spot, Hamilton set a time record of 1:42.869 and a car that seems to be better suited for the race conditions so far.

Max Verstappen and fellow Red Bull team mate, Daniel Ricciardo came in next, setting almost identical times, with Verstappen piping Ricciardo by about seven hundredths of a second.

Seventh tenths further back in the fourth was the Scuderia Ferrari driven by Sebastian Vettel who so far, has won three times at the Yas Marina Circuit. The German looked quite strong and was just one tenth ahead of Sergio Perez, Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team driver who has hopes of replicating the qualifying results of last year here in Abu Dhabi this weekend. Continue reading “MERCEDES DRIVER, HAMILTON TOPS IN FP1”

Alonso Talks About Rule Changes

There have been certain rule changes that have been incorporated by F1.

Based on these changes Fernando has asked for more consistency in certain matters. The Spaniard feels that the changes that are being proposed will make it hard for the fans that follow the different racing events. Alonso made the call after more changes were brought in ahead of the last German Grand Prix event.

There was a strategy group meeting that was held when there were certain restrictions lifted from tea radio communication. Qualifying sessions were also stopped in instances where double yellow flags are raised. These changes were introduced after the controversy that arose regarding the pole position of Nico Rosberg at the GP event in Hungary. Alonso stated that the constant changes being introduced into the rules make it confusing for fans that follow the sport. Continue reading “Alonso Talks About Rule Changes”

Alonso And His Thoughts On Racing Strategy

What do fans look forward at the races?

Definitely the risks that the drivers take in the races, when they overtake, make for thrilling experiences for the onlookers which are dangerous feats for the drivers. Fernando Alonso, one of the drivers look out for at the upcoming weekend race in Sochi, feels that one does not need to overtake several times to make it better at the races. Again, there are rumors that rules would be revamped and that would make it harder for a driver to overtake another vehicle easily. Continue reading “Alonso And His Thoughts On Racing Strategy”