Dec 16


For the first practice of the session in preparations of the Grand Prix on Sunday at Abu Dhabi, Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team driver came out tops, thus laying down a marker.

NicoRosberg, also fellow Mercedes team mate and rival for the championship title came in nextwith just four tenths behind Hamilton, thus giving both drivers early moments in preparation for the title decider on Sunday.

To take the top spot, Hamilton set a time record of 1:42.869 and a car that seems to be better suited for the race conditions so far.

Max Verstappen and fellow Red Bull team mate, Daniel Ricciardo came in next, setting almost identical times, with Verstappen piping Ricciardo by about seven hundredths of a second.

Seventh tenths further back in the fourth was the Scuderia Ferrari driven by Sebastian Vettel who so far, has won three times at the Yas Marina Circuit. The German looked quite strong and was just one tenth ahead of Sergio Perez, Sahara Force India Formula 1 Team driver who has hopes of replicating the qualifying results of last year here in Abu Dhabi this weekend. Continue reading →

Aug 16

Alonso Talks About Rule Changes

There have been certain rule changes that have been incorporated by F1.

Based on these changes Fernando has asked for more consistency in certain matters. The Spaniard feels that the changes that are being proposed will make it hard for the fans that follow the different racing events. Alonso made the call after more changes were brought in ahead of the last German Grand Prix event.

There was a strategy group meeting that was held when there were certain restrictions lifted from tea radio communication. Qualifying sessions were also stopped in instances where double yellow flags are raised. These changes were introduced after the controversy that arose regarding the pole position of Nico Rosberg at the GP event in Hungary. Alonso stated that the constant changes being introduced into the rules make it confusing for fans that follow the sport. Continue reading →

Jun 16

Alonso And His Thoughts On Racing Strategy

What do fans look forward at the races?

Definitely the risks that the drivers take in the races, when they overtake, make for thrilling experiences for the onlookers which are dangerous feats for the drivers. Fernando Alonso, one of the drivers look out for at the upcoming weekend race in Sochi, feels that one does not need to overtake several times to make it better at the races. Again, there are rumors that rules would be revamped and that would make it harder for a driver to overtake another vehicle easily. Continue reading →

May 15

Top 10 F1 Team Radio Messages (Part 9)

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Apr 15

Ecclestone not ready to allow Wolff ‘kill’ F1

Bernie Ecclestone has echoed Max Mosleys concerning fearing the survival of formula one. Mosley, the former FIA president, was a famous close ally of Bernie Ecclestone till his reign end in 2009 Earlier this week, he warned that the sport is in a real threat and it may collapse of necessary measures are not taken.

Now, speaking to a German newspaper, F1 chief Bernie Ecclestone told that he would not watch Formula 1 finished itself because few people made a mistake. The 84 year old, who looks F1 to revert to their V8 powered engine days, sees the brand new turbo V6 engine regulations as the biggest platform. He added that the fans want the volume, the teams want the low cost, and even the racing was better.

But as Max earlier pointed out, there could be no alterations unless every team agrees unanimously and that is a difficult thing to happen.

Toto Wolff, of Mercedes, told that for them, the current technology is an important part of their involvement. Their marketing strategy aims on the hybrid technology of formula 1. He added that the situation is not that bad. Ferrari has caught up. Of course, they are still the benchmark but the others are coming closer. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Former FIA boss warns Formula 1 is going for collapse

Max Mosley, the former boss FIA has offered a grim prognostication of where Formula 1 is going if it does not make significant alterations fast. The former president told that at least half of the grid was confronting financial ruin and the sport was headed for a collapse. He told that the inclusion of a spending cap was very critical.

While speaking to a leading UK based newspaper, he told that half of the teams just could not compete just because they do not have enough money. This is not just right for him. You would not let one team to run a bigger engine than another and yet if one team has 5 times as much money, the effect is just the same. This is not fair from the sporting point of view.

He added that the only way to deal with this is to get everyone to agree. It is possible to sit with all the teams and say that collectively they have got a massive problem because some of you have enough money, but most of you do not and if they go on like this Formula One is going to collapse. Therefore, he is inviting you all to agree to a change. Unfortunately, one could not do it without unanimity. Continue reading →

Apr 15

Entering The $10K Formula One Driving Experience

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Mar 15

F1界の伝説再び駆けた マクラーレン・ホンダが鈴鹿に

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Feb 15

Tost Not Happy With Testing At Europe

Franz Tost, the team principal of Toro Rosso, has expressed discontent with the recent decision to have testing at Europe in 2015. According to him, it’s hurting preps for new F1 season.

A series of drivers- such as world champ Hamilton (Lewis)- have complained regarding low-ambient temperatures which have made it tougher to fare well from running event in Spain. Some of the senior figures from the team are also of the opinion that there is no such benefit in running in cold in comparison to running in higher temperatures that was experienced last year in Bahrain.

Tost stated that he is especially unhappy with this fact that testing has been limited to Europe only on the cost grounds.

“I need to say here that it is really hard to estimate performance of our team or that of others given the extremely low track & ambient temperatures. At races, where it is natural to expect way higher ones, tyre management would be totally different. Personally, I do not prefer tests in Europe in the month of February. You won’t get feedback on every technical topic needed to stay well prepared to ensure a good start of season. The test at Bahrain last year was way useful in comparison to this year’s testing at Europe.,” Continue reading →