Jan 15

Senna Piques To 6th

Good news for Senna fans- post a bad start from the grid back at Punta Este ePrix, the leading Brazilian driver has stormed to a great 6th position reminding once again of his stellar caliber.

Senna showed up with a truly brilliant attack at the standings, taking 6th at flag & grabbing first points at Formula E. His team-mate Chandhok (Karun) had a way challenging race where he finished at 13th as Renault-Spark’s low energy took toll.

The race started very smooth with sand complaints less formidable in comparison to what was expected & the entire grid went away clean as the Brazilian racer focused to pounce. Continue reading →

Jan 15

F1 Spa 2004 – Juan Pablo Montoya Ragged Action!

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Dec 14

Formula One

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Dec 14

Ricciardo understands Vettel’s decision

Red Bull Racing driver Daniel Ricciardo feels that Sebastian Vettel needed a new challenge and that was the driving force behind his decision to quit the team for a new challenge at the end of the season.

The Austria based team recently announced that the German driver, who was the driving force behind their four consecutive Formula One Constructors’ Championships, will be leaving the team at the end of the season with Daniil Kyvat being promoted to take his place from development side Toro Rosso.

Although the team did not reveal where the 26 year old would go, team principal Christian Horner later revealed that he already has a deal in place with Ferrari and would link up with the team at the end of the season.

And the Australian rookie, who was promoted to Red Bull Racing this season to replace the veteran Mark Webber, said that the first time the news was broken to him, he hardly felt any surprise. He added that he had expected him to leave and so he wasn’t that shocked when Vettel made the announcement.

Ricciardo said that the way he sees it, Vettel gave Red Bull Racing his all, winning four Formula One Drivers’ Championship as he led the team to the Constructors’ Championship as well and he has got an opportunity to test himself elsewhere and he took that opportunity.

The Aussie said that Vettel perhaps wanted a stern challenge before he got too old for the sport and maybe he felt the time was right to leave.

Ricciardo has been the dominant driver for the team this season but he knows Vettel would love to leave the team on a high note and believes he will be pushing him to the limit in the last three races of the season.

Nov 14

F1 mythic corners onboard | F1 1973-2013 – Parabolica (Monza)

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Oct 14

Formula 1 : Corrida Japão #31

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Oct 14

Speed limit considered as a safety measure as Marussia get ready to field one car in Russia

The Formula One race director Charlie Whiting investigated into the matter of the conditions under which the race was held at Suzuka. The Japanese Grand Prix proved to be a fatal one for the rising star Jules Bianchi. His team Marussia was left shattered as he met with an accident in the circuit when he lost control of his car and crashed into a recovery vehicle. The team members were shocked to see his condition. He was immediately sent to the hospital and a surgery has been done but he remains under critical care. The condition of the driver sparked several controversies regarding the safety of the drivers on the track. But the race director said that it was not a wrong decision to go ahead with the race. However he has come up with a solution that might be put into effect from now on after proper scrutiny. He believes that the drivers should slow down normally on their own accord if they see such unforeseen events or crashes occurring in front of them. He believes that planned speed control might help avoid such situations in the future.

The Marussia team on the other hand announced that they will be competing in the Russian Grand Prix but with one car only in order to pay respect to their struggling driver. They had previously roped in Alexander Rossi to make his debut alongside Max Chilton. The twenty three year old has been driving in the FP1 format and was looking forward to the opportunity. But this comes under terrible circumstances and the team has taken the best decision they could in this regard. The spirit of the team will be put to test in the Russian Grand Prix. The Sochi track is set to bring in new form of challenges this time.

Oct 14

Vettel rubbishes quitting Red Bull rumours

Over the past few months, there has been a lot of speculation over the future of reigning four time Formula One Drivers’ World Champion Sebastian Vettel and his future with the Red Bull Racing team, but the German has rubbished those claims and has pledged his future with the Austrian outfit, at least for the next year.

The German hasn’t been having the best of seasons so far. Having dominated the sport completely for the last four seasons, the youngest ever world champion is struggling to finish in the podium places and has not managed a single podium finish this year. His new teammate Daniel Ricciardo, on the other hand, has been a breath of fresh year this season and has managed three wins already and many people expect the pressure to mount on the German even more if he doesn’t finish the season strongly. Continue reading →

Sep 14

Formula One – Explained

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